Randall Clark

Purdue University

Post my military stint, I leaped right into the world of academia at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Those years had their highs and lows.

Five and a half years dedicated to snagging both a bachelor's and a master's in Aerospace Engineering. You could say I was fully committed.

But college wasn't just about lectures and textbooks for me. I was all about finding equilibrium. Sure, I cracked open the books and put in the hours, but I wasn't about to miss out on the full college experience.

On weekends. I wasn't hitting the snooze button. Instead, I was in Ross Aide stadium, joining the chorus of cheers for our football team. I was a full-fledged part of that thundering sea of fans, soaking in the excitement of game day.

All-nighters were my academic badge of honor. I didn't shy away from burning the midnight oil, or should I say, the early morning oil, in the computer labs. There were moments when the sun peeked in just as I was wrapping up. But hey, you do what you must to finesse those projects to perfection, right?

And here's a fun fact. In the depths of grad school, I took on a role that might raise an eyebrow. I spent a solid year translating textbooks into Braille for our visually impaired comrades. It was a labor of compassion, ensuring that every individual had an equal shot at education.

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