Randall Clark

Product Management

Since 2012 I have been working as a product manager. I have worked at a company that decided to transition to Agile, a company that wanted to be Agile, and a company that just needed more structure. 

Here is my take on a methodology. While it sounds great for a company to say that they are using "Agile" or "DevOps", I have never seen any company follow a methodology perfectly. The reality is that every company has its own culture and a methodology needs to flex to work within that culture or you are just trying to force a cat to bark like a dog. When I start at a new company, I take time to learn the process and personalities so I do not disrupt the workflow. I work hard to build relationships withing in the organization as I feel that trust is the best way to encourage collaboration.

I thrive in startup environments. I enjoy being challenged to learn new things, and take on more responsibilities that the job desciption lists. Some responsibilities I have assumed while bring a product manager:

  • Product Manager
  • Privacy Compliance (GDPR, CASL, etc)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Strategy
  • NetSuite administrator (finance)
  • Company training facilitator
  • IT Policy writing (over 40 policies written)
  • Contract negotiation

System Engineering

Out of college, I worked as a systems engineer for 6 years. Working for an aerospace company on projects that were considered catastrphic if they failed, I learned that process, documentation, and clarity were key. While there, I had written thousands of requirements and test cases that were to be used in certification documentation. This experience formed the foundation of who I am today.

What wakes me up in the morning

The things I value most in a company are the culture and the interpersonal relationships. I learned from the military and being deployed 4 times, that work conditions aren't always awesome, but the relationships can still make it fun. People who know me know that I am always level headed and that I treat everyone with respect. I look to find ways to make people feel good about themselves and I always make sure to give the right people credit.

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