Randall Clark

... and now?

Right now, I'm all about embracing peace and quiet. I've got my own little haven perched on a mountain, where the view just oozes tranquility. It's me, my lady, my puppy, the trees, and cozy spaces between houses, creating a sweet bubble of serenity.


Don't mistake this for downtime. Me and my trusty Jeep are like partners in crime out there on the trails. Exploring those hidden mountain paths is like stumbling upon a whole new world within my state, a world not many folks have ventured into. And when my Jeep decides to throw a wrench in the works, no biggie. I've got this knack for fixing things and figuring out what's what – something I've picked up along the way.


Life's not all about tackling the wild, though. There's a softer side too. You might just catch me on the golf course, swinging my clubs with a mix of skill, luck, and good vibes (well, most of the time). And tennis? That's where my competitive spirit comes alive. You won't find me shying away from a spirited match.


When the weather cools down, I've got a plan that's all about comfort – cue the board games and video games. Think old-school classics like Scrabble, Risk, and Monopoly. I'm ready to take on any challengers as soon as those dice start rolling.

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